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93 Year-old Man had Thousands Stolen by Caregiver

Feb 2 | 2017  by

By Beth Florkowski of Fausone & Grysko, PLC on Thursday, February 2, 2017.

Dan Williams, Esq.

For more than two years after 93 year-old Victor (Bud) Taylor was injured in a fall, Dell Kimbrough had been his care taker. After being charged with seven felony counts including embezzlement from a vulnerable person by a person in a position of trust and larceny, Kimbrough won’t be caring for anyone else.

Kimbrough is accused of stealing as much as $12,000 from Taylor making cash withdrawals and using his credit cards at various locations including Motor City Casino. Bud Taylor’s children discovered the theft after reviewing Taylor’s credit card statements.

Kimbrough was originally hired through an agency, but had been hired privately after she had been taking care of Taylor for about a month.

“It was disgusting,” Taylor said. “I trusted her completely.”

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge David Groner has no plans to take it easy on Kimbrough. After attorneys submitted a plea agreement of $250 of restitution and probation, Groner rejected the offer stating it was unfair to Taylor.

Eventually, counsel came back with a plan for $500 a month in restitution totaling $15,000, which was accepted by Judge Groner.

“I want justice. I want fairness,” Groner stated. “It’s so common now that elders get taken advantage of. They’re easy Prey, and I don’t understand it…finding good caregivers is very difficult.”

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