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Canton Could Save $10 Million with Joint Water Venture

Sep 22 | 2014  by

Jim Fausone, managing partner of Fausone & Grysko, PLC and Chair of the Board of Water Commissioners for the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD), helped arrange the latest round of talks that could result in savings of almost $10 million for Canton, Michigan.

The savings could be realized if Canton held off on a proposal to build its own water-storage facility and instead opted to lease or buy a portion of a DWSD station on the township’s north end. Rather than spending as much as $10 million to build a water tower or ground-level storage facility, Supervisor Phil LaJoy said Canton may spend as little as $1 million through the proposed joint venture.

Fausone says that in addition to Canton trimming its costs, DWSD could offset operational costs under a long-term lease.

The talks of a Canton-DWSD joint venture come on the heels of an announcement of a new regional water authority, which holds promise to address the problems that have long plagued DWSD. Under Fausone’s leadership for the past several years, DWSD has already made great strides in its internal operations.

The soon-to-be Great Lakes Water Authority will build upon the progress, providing suburban customers with greater control and stability in their water rates. Though many suburban officials have long eyed DWSD with suspicion, Fausone implored local leaders to judge the department by what is happening now rather than focusing on past mistakes.

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