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Choosing a Defense Attorney for a Drunk Driving Charge

Oct 27 | 2020  by

Welcome back to another segment of “4 Quarters with Coach Mark Mandell”! On this week’s segment, I will be discussing what to look for and what to consider, when choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney. I’m focusing on this topic because in my 20+ years of practicing law, I have always found it troubling to hear someone cannot find the right Defense Attorney. So I hope these tips make a difference in your decision!

How Much Does Experience Matter in a Criminal Defense?

Of course, experience matters greatly. Personally, I am 51 years old, and if I was in a situation where I need a Defense Attorney; I am not picking the 28/29-year old that is in his first or second years of practicing. You want to hire an attorney that has been practicing for many years, as well as has a lot of familiarity with the issues associated with Drunk Driving defenses.

Does Attorney Location Matter?

Generally, yes it does. The Fausone & Grysko, PLC office is located right here in beautiful Northville, MI. I have attained great experience in both the area of Northville, but also the Tri-County area. What that means for you is I have built and maintained many relationships with various Judges and Prosecutors across Southeast Michigan over my years of practice. “But why does that matter?” You may ask. An attorney’s relationship building as well as standing in the legal community determine their trust and credibility. Great relationship skills and relationships in the areas that matter can greatly improve the chances of your case.

Does that Affect Cost?

I will not sugar-coat this, it sure does affect cost. An attorney charging a very low retainer indicates to me that they might not be the best attorney for the job. On the other hand, you want to watch out for an attorney charging an exorbitant fee, depending on the case, it might not require that.

Most Important Thing to Look for In a Defense Attorney?

One major indicator should be how comfortable you are with your attorney. You must have a good relationship with them, as well as know they will answer any question you ask them. Your attorney should put you at ease when meeting or discussing your case. If you are not convinced or comfortable with them right out of the gate, I would suggest moving on.

I think all these questions perfectly summed up what you need to consider when looking for a Criminal Defense Attorney for a Drunk Driving charge. Be mindful of their cost, how much experience they have, and be comfortable with them. If you take these suggestions, I think you are going to be alright. But if you’d like to know more about my practice or you’re looking for a Defense Attorney, Give me a Call!  248-380-0000.