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4 Quarters: Criminal Defense Practice

Oct 14 | 2020  by

Most people that have heard of me most likely already know who I am. I love the Northville area, I’ve lived near this particular part of the State for many years. But what some people might not know, besides being one of the most-prominent Defense Attorneys in the State of Michigan, I am also a High School Football coach for the Northville Mustangs and have been for the better part of 20 years!

So in this first-episode of “4 Downs With Coach Mark Mandell”, I’m going to open up about my inspirations behind coaching, why I chose Criminal Defense as a Practice, my biggest Criminal cases, and what my favorite teams are. So without further pause-for-dramatic-effect… Let’s get started with 4 Downs!

What Led You into Coaching?

In all honesty, this is my favorite question I get when someone recognizes me from the School or from my practice. When I was a kid I immediately fell in love with sports, anything that could be tossed, caught, or ran with, I tried it out. I started off playing with the North Farmington West Bloomfield Vikings youth football team, played and graduated from North Farmington High School which has always been an excellent football program, played a couple of years at Springfield College, and ultimately graduated from Michigan State University.

Except for my own dad, Doc Mandell – who was the team Doctor at Farmington Hills Harrison, Northville HS, Walled Lake Western, and Henry Ford – the greatest mentors in my life have always been coaches. Coaches have shown me the skills needed to be a hard worker, a good father, and a leader in the community. I love coaching because it gives me the opportunity to take what I’ve learned in life, in the courtroom, as a Defense attorney, and as a father to apply it as a mentoring figure to the kids in my community, like the numerous mentors that I always had growing up. That’s why once my playing career was finished, I couldn’t wait to jump-in and start coaching football anywhere I could.

Why Criminal Defense?

Some folks might not immediately understand the cross-over between a Defense Attorney and a Coach, but I find that there are many similarities. As a Defense Attorney, my clients have made mistakes, good people can make bad decisions; but most often they need to be coached up. In essence, the job of a Criminal Defense attorney requires you to be a life-coach as well. Assisting them with navigating the extremely difficult legal system and addressing their concerns with penalties associated. But ultimately, my goal is to get them back on the playing field of life and not let that mistake define them.

What Are Your Biggest Criminal Cases?

The biggest Criminal Defense case I first and foremost handle is the client that calls me, because that is the most important issue they are facing. I have been practicing for over 20 years, both as a Criminal Defense lawyer and a Criminal Prosecutor, so believe me when I say it; I have seen everything. But nothing is more concerning than when someone comes to me with a criminal problem, so for each person that I represent, to me, that’s the most important case of the day, the week, and of the month. In case you’re really wondering my most notable cases, I was the representative for the People vs. Sam Riddle, the most publicized criminal case in Metro Detroit at the time. As well as I represented one of the individuals involved in the Thaddeus McCotter Voting Fraud case.

Who is Your Favorite Team?

My greatest love is college football, as I mentioned earlier, I graduated from Michigan State University – Go Green! – I will always enjoy and appreciate the coaching style that Mark Dantonio possessed, but I have no doubt Coach Mel Tucker will be able to lead the Spartans to victory once again. Now I used to not like the University of Michigan, but given this whole COVID-19 situation, I give Jim Harbaugh a lot of props after standing up for his team and players, pushing to get them back on the gridiron. While college football is no doubt one of my favorite things, when it comes to High School football, undoubtedly, my number one team is the Northville Mustangs, where I’ve coached at for over 20 years.

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed this segment on my greatest inspirations behind my Criminal Defense practice. But in all seriousness, if you’re facing criminal charges, call me! I’m one of the most-experienced Metro Detroit Defense Attorneys out there, and I know the plays that can get you a win. Call Fausone & Grysko, PLC today at  248-380-0000, and find out how my defense team and I can help you!