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How Can You Help Me?

Nov 10 | 2020  by

Here we are with another installment of “4 Quarters with Coach Mark Mandell”! We have discussed some very interesting topics in the Criminal Defense realm so far. But there is one question I’ve been waiting to answer in its own segment; “How can you help me?” I love this question because it gives me the opportunity to show potential clients why I’m the best choice for their Defense case.

How Can You Help Me?

There are many times as a coach where players come to you with their mistakes, whether they have not practiced hard enough or didn’t brush up on plays before a big game. With most cases related to drunk driving, this is exactly what happens. Clients come to me with their mistakes after drinking and driving, I always look at it as a damage control situation. Aside from the legal technicalities, the moment we come into your case, our number one goal is to keep you out of jail, reduce your sentencing, and work with the prosecutor’s office that can put you in these positions.

How Can You Control the Damage of my Drunk Driving Case?

First and foremost, we go about this by asking you what happened during the arrest, once we go to court, we ask for the police report. We aggressively investigate that report to see if your rights have been infringed.

If it was a clean case, we look at it as this: What is the best potential deal we can work out with the Prosecutors to receive a reduced sentence? Because our priority is helping you move on from this mistake, in the quickest and most effective ways possible.

Examples of Damage Control?

Drunk Driving is a Criminal Offense that can often result in jail time, as stated previously, our number one goal is avoiding jail time in a drunk driving case. Goal Number two from that point, is making sure if the individual does have an alcohol problem, we put you in a position in front of the judge that shows you are being proactive. Whether that be going to AA, Therapy, or receiving the Alcohol/Drug Counseling they may need.

If you are put in this situation, proactivity is so important, not waiting for the judge to sentence you. We always want to take the steps that courts will order you to do before they even order it. In many cases, clients coming to me with their Drunk Driving charges do have some sort of alcohol or substance-abuse problem, and a big role I play is getting them the help and treatment they need.

I hope this segment has helped you understand why Coach Mark Mandell is the right attorney for your drunk driving criminal defense case. If you have any questions you can reach Mark by email or by phone!  248-380-0000