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Last Call for Alcohol at 4 AM? Not so Fast

Oct 29 | 2013  by

Many individuals and law enforcement officials are concerned with Senate Bill 247 which would allow bars and restaurants in cities’ central business districts to sell alcohol until 4 A.M. with a special permit.

Those opposing the bill are concerned with potential health and safety implications. One of the main concerns with extending the “last call” time is an increase in drunk driving. There were several posts made on the MLive Facebook page that show why many people are concerned with this bill. Thomas Donnely, a Michigan citizen, posted “I am against this proposal. People leaving bars at 4:00 AM will endanger those going to work in the early AM.” This is only one of many comments posted against Senate Bill 247.

Although there are a lot of individuals against the bill, there are many who support the bill as well. Supporters explain that longer hours would help create jobs for bartenders and create more wages for taxi drivers. A supporter of the bill, Roy Munson, posted on the MLive Facebook page that the hours “should be up to the bars. We don’t need the government telling anybody what to drink and when. People need to be responsible.”

MLive conducted an informal poll and found that 57 percent of the nearly 800 poll-takers would support the bill, including those who want it extended to all areas, not just cities’ central business districts, and those who would only support it if the local municipality opts in. 43 percent of poll takers opposed the bill and agreed with the saying that “Mama always said ‘Nothing good happens after midnight.’”

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