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Marijuana Legalization in Alaska, Could Michigan Be Next?

Mar 6 | 2015  by

Alaska will be the third state to hop-on the marijuana legalization-train after a recent voter-passed initiative. As of 2015, marijuana has been decriminalized, and the recreational cannabis business will be up-and-running by 2016.

With increased public interest in recent years, marijuana legalization in Michigan seems very possible. There are even rumblings of a 2016 ballot proposal.

The current laws and local ordinances governing marijuana and medical marijuana have become quite the patchwork in Michigan. Attorneys, law enforcement, and citizens alike are hoping the Michigan Supreme Court will soon provide some clarity to these laws.

Today – depending on where you live – if you have a Medical Marijuana Card and are traveling with cannabis, and whether you get pulled over by a state trooper or a local police officer, you could face a range of consequences.

With conflicting decisions coming out of the circuit courts on whether the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act has any value when it comes to possessing marihuana, it is hoped that the Michigan Supreme Court will clarify whether people can use a medical marihuana defense if they face criminal charges. Learn more about Alaska’s marijuana legalization on CNN.

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