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Michigan’s Infrastructure Must be Priority

Jan 3 | 2017  by

By Beth Florkowski of Fausone & Grysko, PLC posted in News and Press on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.

Jim Fausone, Esq.

A recent commission formed by Governor Rick Snyder requests that policymakers find $4 million to upgrade Michigan’s transportation, water, and communications infrastructure system. Recent struggles have made it exceptionally clear that this would be a good use of money.

From the Flint water crisis to notoriously poor road conditions, it is obvious to see the results of decades of neglect to Michigan’s infrastructure.

The 21st Century Infrastructure Commission, created after the discovery of lead in Flint water, has prioritized needs throughout the state including water and sewage system replacements, and transportation, energy, and communications networks. This commission is essential to Michigan’s future as they are able to maintain a database to develop long-term strategic priorities and funding.

After the embarrassment that is the Flint water crisis, the water systems are at the top of the list of concerns. The commission states that it would cost at least $111 million a year.

It will be a tough task to generate the $4 billion annual fund, but it must be considered a priority to improve the infrastructure blemishes from the 20th century. So far, infrastructure is not seeing significant funds as only $5 million of the $165 million requested by Gov. Snyder was approved by the Legislature.