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Special CPL Provisions for Retired Law Enforcement Personnel

Feb 17 | 2016  by

On behalf of Fausone & Grysko, PLC on Wednesday, February 17, 2016.

Daniel Williams, Esq.

If you are a former law enforcement officer or the United States military veteran, you may be eligible to carry a concealed weapon on premises that are otherwise prohibited to the general public. Those recognized as law enforcement include: Police officers; corrections officers; reserve officers of a police; former members of the United States Armed Forces; and a parole or probation officer.

If you believe you have been wrongly accused of violating the Firearm Laws of Michigan, or any other criminal offense in the State of Michigan, immediately contact Fausone & Grysko, PLC and ask for Dan Williams. As a current Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for the City of Westland and former Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Wayne County, Dan has a vast knowledge of criminal court proceedings. With his substantial trial experience, he is prepared to take any case to trial for a client, if necessary. Call us at  248-380-0000 and schedule your free consultation today!