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The Felony Box on a Job Application Might Soon be a Thing of the Past

Sep 24 | 2018  by

“Have you ever been convicted of a felony?”

Everyone has seen this question on a job application. It’s a piece of information that many people can simply check ‘no’ on and move on. For some though, it’s often an obstacle that can stop the application process cold.

Governor Rick Snyder plans to remove this obstacle from occupational licensure applications. Moreover, training programs for individuals in prison will assess whether a trainee could be denied their license because of their criminal history and let them know beforehand.

State agencies will also be moving to remove the criminal felony question from the initial state employment applications. This does not mean criminal history will be omitted entirely; criminal history can be considered later during the application process.

Many lawmakers have praised this legislation, claiming it is a step in the right direction for putting a dent in the problem of recidivism affecting states.