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The Good News About Detroit

Apr 21 | 2015  by

On behalf of Fausone & Grysko, PLC on Tuesday, April 21, 2015.

Paul Bohn

Has this happened to you: You’re out of town, maybe on vacation, and nobody knows where you’re from….so you say, “I’m from Detroit.” And then you get that look, the one that gives you the sense the person is sorry for you.

It’s not surprising, as the mainstream media constantly feeds negative stories of Detroit, from crime, to government mismanagement and corruption, to bankruptcy. A lot of Michiganders even have negative sentiment about Detroit.

The city’s motto states, “We Hope for Better Things; It Shall Rise From the Ashes.” And better things are already happening, and Detroit is “rising from the ashes” of what is, admittedly, a scarred past.

I encourage everybody to check out two great websites: Curbed Detroit and Eater Detroit, which track positive development and rejuvenation, and the great eats and drinks, around the city.

Curbed: http://detroit.curbed.com/

Eater: http://detroit.eater.com/

And here’s a link to the latest piece of big news out of Detroit. Dan Gilbert is buying the historic One Detroit Center, and Ally Financial will be moving in (and it will be renamed Ally Detroit Center). Link: http://detroit.curbed.com/archives/2015/03/dan-gilbert-buys-fills-and-rebrands-one-detroit-center.php

Paul Bohn is a partner at the law firm of Fausone & Grysko, PLC, and was named one of the Top Attorneys in Michigan in 2014 by Crain’s Detroit Business. Paul is a huge fan of Detroit and encourages everyone to check out the good news happening around the City.