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When “Happy Hour” Turns Into “Sad Hour”

May 1 | 2017  by

Consumption of alcohol can result in more than a good time. In moderation, it can provide some health benefits, including lower risks of heart disease and lower mortality rates from heart disease. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, “everything in moderation.”

Alcohol has statistically been linked to a number of different crimes which include including Drinking and Driving, Minor in Possession, and Public Intoxication. Additionally, there are crimes that have a more indirect influence from alcohol, including domestic violence and assault. According to a 2008 survey, over 5 million individuals behind bars were under the influence at the time of their convictions and 40% of state prisoners convicted of violent crimes were under the influence at the time of their arrest.

Drinking and driving is the most prevalent of the crimes and receives the most public attention, deservingly so. Around 10,000 people every year are killed in roadway accidents where alcohol was a factor in the United States alone, including hundreds of thousands of accidents resulting in other injuries. If the moral argument doesn’t convince you, try the financial side of things. American taxpayers are each forced to pay an additional $500+ a year as a result of drunk driving accidents.

Individually, a DUI offense can cost you much more than that. The average DUI can cost you in attorney fees, court fines and costs, car insurance premiums, court ordered alcohol awareness classes, interlock device fees, and many others. Ultimately, it wouldn’t be a surprise if your first offense DUI cost you nearly $10,000.

Like most things is life, alcohol is only a problem when it is abused. Whenever possible, try to have a designated driver for any drinking occasion. Bottom line, don’t drink and drive.

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