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Municipal Law Practice

When it comes to choosing legal representation, municipalities and joint government authorities across Michigan turn to the municipal law attorneys at Fausone & Grysko, PLC. We understand the communities we live and work in and have developed a unique practice that brings local governments together to maximize local resources and services.

Whether you are looking for assistance with creating sound government policies, managing labor law issues, or developing programs around Michigan’s recent and evolving medical and recreational marijuana laws, we can help.

Government Incentive Programs

One of the functions of a municipal government is to foster economic growth by attracting new businesses and accompanying jobs. While a great way to attract businesses is through government incentive programs — such as bonds, grants, investments, loans, and tax incentives — the laws and regulations surrounding these programs are complex.

Our municipal law attorneys work with local governments to create, establish, and maintain legally and fiscally sound programs to bolster private sector investment into the local community. In addition, we assist municipal governments with exploring the advantages of state and federal government opportunities for economic development. We serve as your guides in the pursuit of available government incentive funds and programs.

Government Contracts

We assist municipal departments in every stage of the government contracts development and procurement process, including:

  • Assisting in establishing the specifications for construction projects or goods procurement contracts
  • Preparing the RFPs or other solicitation documents
  • Overseeing communications flow between the municipality and private sector
  • Collecting and reviewing bids and proposals
  • Ensuring that contract awards follow proper criteria and specifications

Our experienced government contract attorneys also prosecute and defend municipal clients in actions for breach of contract and other contract irregularities.

Public Sector Labor Law

We regularly represent municipal clients with respect to labor practices and issues, offering advice, counsel, and experienced representation in matters concerning:

  • Compliance with anti-discrimination laws
  • Investigations into claims of workplace harassment
  • Best practices for managing and disciplining employees
  • Wage requirements for salaried and hourly employees
  • Collective bargaining unit negotiations

Corporation Counsel

We act in the capacity of corporate counsel for municipalities, assisting them with the same general corporate legal matters that traditional for-profit companies deal with. We represent municipalities in matters concerning:

  • Purchase, sale, or lease of property
  • Housing and other real estate development issues, including municipal planning and zoning
  • Environmental regulations compliance
  • Incorporation, including writing and interpreting bylaws
  • Budget issues and other general operating advice and counsel

Marijuana Regulation

We help local governments comply with Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA), offering advice and counsel on the adoption and enforcement of ordinances regulating marijuana growing, processing, provisioning center, testing, and/or transportation operations in their communities. We also assist municipalities with issues surrounding interpreting and enforcing Michigan’s new laws on recreational marijuana.

Contact Our Municipal Law Practice Today

For more information on Fausone & Grysko, PLC’s municipal law practice, and to schedule an appointment with one of our local government attorneys, contact us online or call 248-380-0000. We represent clients throughout western Wayne County and the State of Michigan.