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Attorney Spotlight: Robert C. Pollock

Mar 9 | 2022  by

With attorney Robert Pollock recently celebrating his one-year anniversary at Fausone & Grysko, PLC, we wanted to spotlight the legal areas he focuses on. If you have any questions for Robert related to the information discussed, please contact him at (248) 912-3213.

Q: As it relates to your practice, what areas of law have you been focusing on?

I focus mainly on a mix of areas. It falls into three different categories: Municipal Law, Business Law, and Real Estate Law. Some of these overlap at times, but they are my three main focuses right now.

Q: When it comes to business law, what are you specifically working on? What are the big issues that you’ve seen out there?

I’m seeing a lot of new small businesses forming, for sure. I’ve helped out a lot of these busin4esses with their formation documents. Things like drafting operating agreements, articles of organization, drafting bylaws, those types of things. It really spans different areas.

There are a lot of businesses that need planning and have zoning issues, say you want to zone the property for a different use than you’re purchasing for a certain type of business. Those are some of the issues that I’ve seen recently and dealt with.

Q: And now what’s going on with your Real Estate practice?

Specifically, with real estate, I do a lot of work with property transactions and helping clients close on properties, especially commercial properties. Over the past few months, I’ve helped a couple of clients close on over $5 million in real estate. It’s been very busy.

Q: Why do you think real estate transaction work has increased during COVID?

Well, I think it’s just the way the market’s going right now. Real estate keeps exploding and there are a lot of people trying to capitalize on it right now. Our clients are experienced business people, they know what the markets are like so they’re trying to capitalize by making some deals.

If you have questions for attorney Robert Pollock regarding his Real Estate or Business Law practice, please contact him at (248) 912-3213.