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Brandon Grysko Featured in Livonia Today

Jun 26 | 2020  by

Empathy is Everything

Cop-turned-attorney relished helping others through life’s ups and downs

Attorney Brandon Grysko was recently featured in the Livonia Today publication, Empathy is Everything: Cop-turned-attorney relished helping others through life’s ups and downs”. Read the featured publication below or click here to access it directly.

Empathy goes a long way if you want to be a good attorney. It makes a big difference for local business and estate planning attorney Brandon M. Grysko.


Grysko got some excellent training for dealing with clients facing challenges during his seven years with the Livonia Police Department.


Grysko moved with his family to Livonia when he was six months old, and continues to live in the community with his wife and two daughters. He works at Northville-based Fausone & Grysko, PLC, which is one of Western Wayne County’s largest law firms – with 16 attorneys who practice a variety of different legal specialties.


“I have deep roots here,” Grysko said. “It’s important for me to be part of Livonia.”


He earned a degree from Madonna University and then became a Livonia police officer. Grysko worked as a cadet for one year before moving on to become a police officer. The job took Grysko into many positions dealing with people. That included a stint as a field training officer and defensive tactics instructor, plus an assignment to the Special Operations Unit, where he participated in plain-clothes sting operations.


For the last two years of his career, Grysko was part of the executive board and negotiating team for his local police union.


“Ultimately, I was passionate about helping people and helping in the community,” he said.


But it didn’t give him a lot of family time. 


A career as an attorney was appealing to Grysko because he could still help people, while also getting to eat dinner with his family, be available for bedtime with his daughters and be at home on the weekends.


He managed to juggle going to school part-time at night, working with the police department, and studying for the bar exam. Grysko’s days would often begin with leaving for school at 10 a.m., followed by a work schedule that would have him not returning home until 5 or 6 a.m.


“Now it’s this incredible thing,” said the Rosedale Gardens resident. “I worry about one job, I’m there for dinner, bedtime, and weekends. The family aspect is most important to me.


“As a police officer I was very comfortable talking with the public, and it prepared me to talk to pretty much anyone and empathize with people,” Grysko said,” You’re seeing people at their worst. With estate planning, a lot of times, you’re dealing with people who have had major life changes, like a new baby or a death in the family. Several recent clients were diagnosed with cancer. Being a police officer taught me how to deal with terrible situations.”


Grysko believes it’s important to help carry the load for his clients.


“I exist to shoulder that burden,” Grysko said. “I want to give them peace of mind so they can spending time with their children or families during difficult times, and no matter what happens in their lifetime or after they die, I have their back to take care of them.”