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Election Workers Needed: Be the MVP, Serve Your Democracy

Sep 11 | 2020  by

With what some might call the most divisive presidential election in recent history; it will also be the most logistically challenging. We know by now, many readers are tired of hearing the words “COVID-19” and “Coronavirus”. But desperate democratic times call for desperate measures. With social distancing and facemasks becoming a somewhat common sight to see, many older individuals with pre-existing conditions are opting out of Polling Work; but that doesn’t mean democracy stops!

On average, the median age of Michigan Polling Workers is 74 years old. With once reliable workers now designated high risk of developing serious complications, Michigan’s Secretary of State is scrambling to fill its voting precincts with fresh workers.

On top of their already short supply of precinct workers, there’s the growing paranoia around mail-in voting. With the State attempting to correct that by sending every resident a postcard encouraging they request their absentee ballot – that’s about 4.4 million letters sent – there is no doubt going to be a greater influx in absentee ballots than years prior.

But where there is a grain of sand, 725,000 pounds of pressure, and 2,000+ degrees of heat, there is diamonds! Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s diamond comes in the form of an energizing marketing campaign designed to reel in the Gen Z’s and Millennials. The campaign is called “Democracy MVP“; and it highlights three key points hoping to reel in the younger gen’s: 1. Get paid to help your State; and 2. Help ensure fair and free elections!

How do I apply?

Applying is easy! If you are currently a registered voter, simply log on to Michigan.gov/DemocracyMVP. (Unregistered voters must register first at Michigan.gov/Vote) If you fill out the interest form, your information will be shared with any Clerks in the State requiring assistance! Did we mention you are paid too? Go click those links!