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Michigan Driver’s License Restoration

Aug 18 | 2022  by

Losing your driver’s license can make life extremely difficult. Without a license, you may not be able to get to work, attend social events, or get groceries, among other things. Losing the privilege to drive legally can add a plethora of complications to your life. Fortunately, with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, you can partake in the Michigan driver’s license restoration process for a chance at getting your license reinstated. 

Eligibility Based on Previous Drunk Driving Convictions

If you have had two or more drunk driving convictions in the past seven years, your license is revoked in the state of Michigan. The state will NOT automatically reinstate your driving privileges; it is up to you to act.

If you have had no more than two drunk driving convictions within seven years, then you may request a hearing after one year. You must wait one year after your conviction + one additional year. You will also need one year of sobriety on top of that.

If you have had three operating while intoxicated convictions within ten years, your eligibility is more complicated. If it has been more than seven years since the last time your license was revoked, then you will only have to wait one year. However, if your last driver’s license has been revoked within the past seven years, you will have to wait a full five years.

Attorney Terry Priest Can Help

The Michigan driver’s license restoration process is often complex and frustrating. Though, working with an experienced criminal defense attorney can be critical for ensuring successful navigation of the process. There are several steps in this process, all of which need to be completed properly to ensure the best chance of a successful outcome. A skilled and experienced attorney can prepare you by guiding you through the steps and building the best case possible to present at a hearing or before an appeals court.

Attorney Terry B. Priest has helped countless Michiganders restore their driver’s licenses and will be there for you from start to finish. If your license was revoked due to operating while intoxicated convictions, contact Terry Priest at (248) 380-0000