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No Ballot for LGBTQ+ Workplace Discrimination Initiative

Aug 26 | 2021  by

As of late, the discussion about LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace has been a significantly hot topic. Particularly due to the recent failed ballot proposal that would have amended Michigan civil rights law to expressly include these protections.

These issues have been at the forefront lately. Especially given the recent landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling which held that gender identity and sexual orientation were protected by existing federal civil rights laws that ban sex-based discrimination.

So, what happened? In Michigan, the interest group, “Fair and Equal Michigan” attempted to draw a law and have it placed on the ballot for adoption by the voters at the next election. However, to get on the ballot, the group needed enough verified signatures.

In this case, the Michigan elections bureau determined that Fair and Equal Michigan did not collect enough legitimate signatures, so the issue will not go to the voters.

However, as employers, you need to be aware that the Michigan Civil Rights Commission is already enforcing gender identity and sexual orientation protections and has been since 2018. But a change in the makeup of the commission in the future could result in a different approach. This is why some groups are advocating for a change in the law.

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