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Schoolcraft College Fire and Emergency Services Degree Program

Jan 5 | 2021  by

In our previous Zoom call with Chief Liam Carroll, the Fire Technology Program Coordinator at Schoolcraft College; we had the chance to discuss the skills and tools young adults could build through their Fire Training Dual Enrollment program. This week, the Chief and Brandon discuss a new fire technology degree program he helped pioneer, which is geared towards pre-service and active-duty firefighters.

The Fire and Emergency Services Degree aims to educate the post-9/11 firefighter and is 100% online! Because this program is for pre-and active-duty firefighters, when calls slow down at the fire station, a student can hop online and complete coursework virtually.

The great thing about this program is not only its distance-learning focus but also its recognition. The program is nationally recognized by FEMA, so a graduate with a Fire and Emergency Services Degree from Schoolcraft College can travel anywhere with it!

Speaking from personal experience, Attorney Brandon Grysko understands a student’s desire for a flexible education program. While Brandon was attending law school part-time, he was also working full-time with the Livonia Police Department.

Once again, we want to thank Chief Liam Carroll for joining us. We would also like to ask our readers to please share this information. Chief Carroll and Schoolcraft College rely heavily on word-of-mouth to spread their program’s mission and message. So spread the word!

If you want to learn more about Schoolcraft’s Fire and Emergency Services Degree, view their course description here. You can also contact Chief Carroll by email or by phone at  734-462-4314.