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What Will Unions Do In Times Of Crisis?

Aug 12 | 2020  by

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with Bob Carroll, Executive Vice President, Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants (PSLC). PSLC is a full service Labor/HR Consulting firm who works alongside law firms assisting their clients with union campaigns, management training in labor relations, human resources, among many additional services. The main reason I wanted to chat with Mr. Carroll was to discuss how Unions can capitalize on a business owner’s missteps, whether in an OSHA or Wage and Hourly Violation context, to try and appeal to employees when they’re organizing or trying to gain a foothold on a business.

Bob Carroll seemed just as concerned about this issue as I am, calling it “The Big Question“. He did make some interesting examples of Unions capitalizing on a crisis to organize a campaign. Citing events such as 9/11, Occupy Wall Street, and the Fight for 15 movement which was created by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). As well as today, there is the current global health pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests, which have gained a lot of momentum in recent weeks. Bob’s message to employers is, if there aren’t solutions for situations similar to these to go back to your core. The employees will have no other option but to seek out a Third-Party Representative. In many Union discussions, leaders often do not hesitate to file OSHA or Wage and Hourly complaints. We’ve already seen an increase in OSHA Claims. Furthermore, Bob also mentioned PSLC has received many calls from Employers asking for their help because of increases in Violation claims since the global health pandemic began.

Bob and I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a good compliance plan in place, specifically in situations such as Wage and Hourly or OSHA Violations. It’s also equally important, while the iron is still hot, to review your workplace policies and practices specifically as they pertain to discrimination, how you’re training employees in the workplace and whether you’re including diversity and inclusion.

Moreover, currently during what could be argued as the most important moment in U.S. History, companies that are actually diversifying and being inclusive are seeing increases in worker-satisfaction in turn leading to higher output and less chances of a Union organizing.

Bob and I had a great conversation about how employers can reduce chances of Union Organization as well as decreased OSHA Claims and Wage and Hourly violations. If you would like more information on Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants and their services, Click Here for their website or Bob Carroll directly.

This is quite a serious matter, so if you have any Questions or Concerns about the direction your business could be heading. Reach out to Brandon Grysko directly or CallĀ  734-536-2926.