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Who is Responsible for Rental Property Repairs?

Mar 22 | 2024  by

            In recent years, the number of people living in rental properties has slowly grown and will likely continue to do so. Many people find owning unaffordable, or they find that the maintenance as an owner is too much. One of the benefits that many people find in renting is not being liable for various repairs and the costs of those repairs, but how far does this really go? Is your landlord supposed to take care of all repairs and the costs that go with them? Or are you, as a tenant, supposed to be responsible for smaller repairs and the costs that may be incurred in your time as a renter?

            In Michigan, the landlord has a duty to keep their rental property fit for the use intended by the parties, in a state of reasonable repair for the duration of the lease, and in compliance with all health and safety laws. Whether your landlord is required to repair issues depends on two things, the nature of the problem itself, and whether the landlord’s duty to repair has been modified by mutual agreement or tenant conduct.

Based on these requirements, tenants should expect to be accountable for keeping the property in a safe and sanitary condition and may be responsible for smaller repairs around the property based on their rental agreement. If a repair is much larger and should fall on the landlord to repair, the tenant should always be sure to write a letter or email to the landlord to explain the problem, the importance of the repair, and a time frame for the repair to be completed.

Having the assistance of an attorney to review your lease and determine the requirements of both parties in the lease can serve great benefit. Contact Attorney Denise Medina of Fausone & Grysko, PLC online or by phone at (248) 380-0000 for assistance.