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Why Social Media Influencers Need Lawyers Too

Apr 11 | 2024  by

As someone who engages in her fair share of TikTok, I can respect what social media influencers do daily. However, as a lawyer, I think any influencer can benefit from working with someone like me.

I recall a recent conversation with my neighbor and his kids in our backyard. At some point, their 6-year-old son wants to be a YouTube star. Channels like “MrBeast” or “Ms. Rachel” were referenced. These social media influencers have grown their channels to amazing heights, along with their personal wealth. I can see why my neighbor’s son would aspire to be like them.

While they may not see themselves as such, social media influencers are small businesses. Whether you sell a product, program, or a look into your life, you are partaking in the economy. Accordingly, lawyers are here to help you set up shop.

While this is not an exhaustive list, here are a few ways that influencers can benefit from working with a lawyer like me:

  1. We can help you establish your LLC/Corporation and ensure you have the appropriate documents prepared to properly – and legally – run your business.
  2. We can negotiate and review agreements between creators and social media platforms.
  3. We can aid in drafting agreements between creators and social media platforms.
  4. We can help you draft and review endorsement agreements to ensure fair and timely compensation. Additionally, we can explain the legal jargon so that you can fully understand what you’re getting into.
  5. Finally, we’re here to help with litigation. With influence comes wealth and power, but it also comes with greater liability.

Whatever the case, I see you all hustling with your tripods, ring lights, and phones; but don’t forget to see me, Attorney Denise Medina. I’m happy to help with all your legal needs. Give me a call at (248) 380-0000.