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Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana is Dangerous and Illegal

Nov 14 | 2018  by

Michigan is the tenth state to legalize recreational marijuana. But make no mistake, many Marijuana-related activities are still illegal – not to mention dangerous. For a long time under Michigan law, driving impaired has been illegal. Driving high can cost you your freedom – not to mention thousands in attorney fees and court costs.

Though it’s not just costly, driving high is also incredibly dangerous. Did you know in Colorado – the first state to legalize Marijuana – between 2013 and 2017, Marijuana-related driving deaths doubled? Overall traffic deaths increased by 35%, yet marijuana-related traffic deaths increased by 151%.

One joint can impair your ability to drive up to five hours after the fact. With Marijuana in the media and news, you can expect Michigan police officers to be hyper-aware of these issues.

To sum it up, driving high can be costly and detrimental to yourself and others. Is the cost of someone’s life something you can afford?

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