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What You Need to Know About Recreational Marijuana in Michigan

Dec 6 | 2018  by

Michigan became the 10th state to allow recreational marijuana. However, it isn’t quite legal yet. The popular recreational drug will become fully legal for consumption 10 days after the election results are ratified. Marijuana won’t be commercially available for sales until around early 2020, as Michigan must still approve regulations and issue licenses to potential sellers.

As for how much Marijuana you can possess, there is a limit. A person age 21 or older will be allowed 2.5 ounces of the substance on their person and 10 ounces in their home. Most of the drugs they own will have to be locked up. In addition, a person is allowed to grow up to 12 plants in their home for personal use. These plants cannot be sold.

Public use of the drug still has not changed, public consumption remains prohibited. Much like driving while drunk, individuals found to be driving under the influence of Marijuana will be arrested. Landlords and employers still retain the right to prohibit the tenants from using marijuana on their property.

Although Proposal 1 has passed, there are Michigan lawmakers working to find a way to prohibit the drug. Marijuana is still illegal under federal law, meaning federal employment opportunities will continue to have a zero-tolerance policy.

Do you think those convicted of past Marijuana crimes should have their sentences expunged?